Develop A Comprehensive Floral Design Portfolio (WSQ Diploma)

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Develop A Comprehensive Floral Design Portfolio (WSQ Diploma)

  • $840.00


WSQ Diploma In Floristry Management Unit:

Develop A Comprehensive Floral Design Portfolio


Unit Objective

On successful completion of this unit, the participant will have the knowledge and application skills to prepare a comprehensive portfolio relevant to the floristry, floral design, and interior-scape industry to assist with tender applications, preparing for competition, or application for professional recognition.


Additional Fee

Admin Fee: $50

Registration Fee: $50 (applicable to new students only)

Admin and Registration fees cannot be paid via SkillsFuture Credit.


Where applicable, students may proceed to claim SkillsFuture Credits on receipt of an official invoice from NIFD. 


Please refer to the tables below for more information.



Develop A Comprehensive Floral Design Portfolio – FL-MK-410C-1/ TGS-2011500224
Unit Abbreviation: Portfolio

Unit Content
1. Prepare a curriculum vitae (CV) in both hard and soft copy
2. Assemble documentation and copy of works into design portfolio
3. Present portfolio of design works to customer/client
4. Establish an internet presence via website
5. Develop promotional materials
6. Prepare an article for publication

Core Unit Unit Reference List of Competency Units Unit 


Unit Dates

FL-MK-410C-1   TGS-2011500224   Develop A Comprehensive Floral Design Portfolio   Core   40  2, 6, 12, 13, 17, 19 Mar

Course Fees

Core Unit/ Unit Reference   List of Competency Units Unit  Duration 
Unit Fee
Develop A Comprehensive Floral Design Portfolio  Core   40 $840



Certifiable courses approved by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) will receive SSG's funding:

(1) Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents ≥ Age 21

(2) SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) – for Singaporeans ≥ Age 40


All the applicants must attain minimum attendance of 75% in the course, attempt assessment on the last day of the course and be certified competent in order to be eligible for the funding. Failing which the applicant is liable to the forfeiture of the grant and bear the full course.


WSQ Course Fee  Singaporean ≥ Age 40    
(Age Based on Year, 
MCES Funding 70%)
Singaporean Age 21 to 39
or Singapore PR
(Age Based on Year,    
SSG Funding 50%)
Non Residents
Total Unit Fee (1 unit - 40 Hours) $840 $840 $840
Funding -$588 -$420
Nett Unit Fee (SkillsFuture Credit Claimable for Singaporeans & SPR) $252 $420 $840
Admin & Registration Fee (Not Claimable by SkillsFuture Credit, Non-refundable)*      $100 $100 $100
Nett Fee Payable $352 $520 $940

*Admin Fee $50 (applicable to new and returning students), Registration Fee $50 (only applicable to new students)

  • Having Completed WSQ Advanced Certificate in Floristry Supervision*,
  • Knowledge of the Elements, Principles, Techniques and Forms of Design,
  • Skills to Apply A Wide Selection of Floral Designs and Arrangements,
  • Able to Use Computer Software such as MS Office
  • Awareness of Copyright, Moral Rights and Intellectual Property Issues
  • Able to Listen, Read, Speak and Write in English at a Proficiency Level


*Or equivalent work experiences in floral industry, subjected to Nobleman's evaluation of student's competency to join this course